26 February, 2008

Setanta Sports Not So News

While recently trying to find out the latest score in a soccer match I had the great idea of checking it on Setanta Sports News. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing the channel, I'll try and describe it. It's one of those news channels which try to fit as much information as they can on the screen at one time. A combination of news tickers, vidi-printer, league tables, and the bit of screen that's left is used to switch between the presenter and score updates.

While waiting for an age for the latest score from the Champions league games, I was being bombarded with the latest scores from reserve games of the lower leagues. The score ticker then switched to the Scottish Premier league, which had one game in progress. At the same time, the ever excited and enthusiastic host gave some insightful and informed information to the same game while the latest score was flashed onto the screen.

You have to wonder where they get their latest scores from....

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