28 February, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name....

I like the specials in Lidl. I've mentioned this before. I'm nearly always tempted by something there - luckily I do talk myself down most of the time, and I've avoided having a house full of stuff that I don't use or need (just one room of same).

Today they had gardening stuff. Not really my cup of tea, but I had a look none the less since I was there. I could not believe my eyes. They had, for the meagre price of €5.99, Zinc Plant Pots.

The description from their sheet and web site reads as follows

Zinc Plant Pot

* 12L rustic style plant pot with wooden hand grip
* Size: Ø 29cm, height 25.5cm
* Price per item

To me, a gardening dunce, it looked like a bucket. I had to ask my more experienced better half what she thought it was.

"Bucket" she replied.

"'Tis not", I chortled, "'tis a Zinc Plant Pot!"

"It's a bucket", she retorted, "There's even a great big label on the side saying bucket".

There was.

Marketing say Plant Pot, everyone says Bucket....

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